A slot charter agreement definition

A slot charter agreement is a contractual agreement between a shipping company or a vessel operator and a charterer. The agreement is made to ensure an appropriate and efficient utilization of vessel space and cargo capacity.

In a slot charter agreement, the shipowner agrees to allocate a specific number of container slots in the vessel to the charterer. The charterer, in turn, is responsible for filling those slots with their cargo and paying a fixed fee to the owner.

The agreement allows the charterer to use the vessel`s container slots as per their requirement. They are also responsible for the cost and risk of transporting the cargo from the port of origin to the port of destination.

This arrangement is useful for both the shipowner and the charterer. The shipowner is assured of a fixed income and can efficiently utilize the vessel`s capacity, while the charterer gets the necessary container slots to transport their cargo.

The slot charter agreement may also include provisions for the carriage of dangerous goods, refrigerated cargo, or other specific cargo types. The agreement must comply with the regulations and requirements of international maritime law.


In conclusion, a slot charter agreement is an essential contractual agreement that allows for the efficient utilization of vessel space and cargo capacity. It is a beneficial arrangement for both the shipowner and the charterer and ensures the efficient transportation of cargo by sea. The agreement must comply with international maritime law regulations and standards to be valid and enforceable.